Friday, June 19, 2009

Shopped Cards: the contest

UPDATE: We have a winner already! Much more quickly than I expected, I got lots of entries, including 4 yesterday that were perfect. Please feel free to continue to work on the puzzle and email me your guesses if you like--I'll score them for you. I'll post the answers to this puzzle sometime next week.

Here's a special Shopped Cards contest!

This card is comprised of 24 different baseball cards. The only hint I'm giving is that they are all cards posted on my 88 Topps Cards blog.

To enter the contest, identify as many of the cards as you can. Use this key to identify your cards:

In other words, you should compile a list. #1 is XXX, #2 is YYY, and so forth. Email me your list at 88topps at gmail dot com by Sunday night, June 28th, 11:59 PM. I'm giving this contest a while to run to make sure that everybody has time to work on it.

The winner will be the entrant with the most total points. You get +1 point for each correct guess, -1 points for each incorrect guess, and 0 points for each blank. So, you're better off leaving a number blank than guessing at random. When you email me your entry, I will email you back to confirm. Once you email me your entry--that's IT--you cannot update/change it later. Ties will be broken by the earlier date/time of entry.

What's the prize, you ask? It's as follows:
  • The 1988 Score Rookie & Traded set
  • The 1989 Topps Major League Debut set
  • An assortment of a few hundred 2008 & 2009 cards
  • At least a couple of unopened packs
  • A few insert/short print singles
I'm disabling comments for this post because I don't want anybody to spoil things for anybody else. If you have questions, email me using the address above. If there is pertinent information for everybody, I'll post updates on this page.

Links/shoutouts on your blog to this contest page would be appreciated. And while your visiting my old blog, don't be shy about posting comments...I'll reply if they warrant a response.