Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poll: The best card of 1990 Upper Deck High # Series

Here it is...the final poll to determine the best card of this set, as well as the winner of the set.

I'm skeptical about how Oil Can Boyd won his semifinal. If you are the reader attached to one of these final 5 cards, you might want to encourage all your friends to hit up this post and vote for your card, otherwise I fear that Boyd is going to win. (And I think we can all agree that his card is actually the worst of these 5...)


  1. Greg better get his army mobilized if he wants to win this thing.

  2. If you don't vote for Nolan Ryan, he is going to come to your house, show you a picture of him going off on Robin Ventura and then smack you around with your own dog.

    Or something like that.

    Come on vote for him. It's Nolan Ryan!

  3. See as Gary Carter and Keith Hernandez are #1 and #2 in my heart, I am torn, but the Keith wins out only for the fact that this is one of his last cards and it is a beaut!

  4. You gotta go with Keith Hernandez. Although it's the twilight of his career, he's still "in the game," and that's how we like to remember him.

    Now he's on TV selling men's hair coloring with Emmitt Smith and Walt Frazier, saying chlich├ęd junk like it'll get you back "in the game," which I guess is code for "skirt chasing." Makes me wanna cry.

    He's not with the Cards or the Mets, but Cleveland Keith is in the cage early, taking extra swings, just like he's always done. He's older, but doesn't need hair coloring to be confident enough to hit or, I'd imagine, to make eyes at the ladies. THAT's Keith Hernandez.

  5. I've got to go with the steely eyed stare of Nolan Ryan. I also like the composition, red, white and especially blue. It almost has a 3-D effect.

  6. That Nolan Ryan card is wonderful, I voted for that one! :)

  7. The Nolan Ryan card is a beautiful piece of our baseball history! But unfortunately I am always late for the contests :(
    Jack @ PSP Porn