Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tournament semifinal #3

Semifinal #3

Follow the blog (if you're not already) then vote for the best card below. I myself can't see any reason for voting for any card other than Hubie Brooks.


  1. Okay, I suppose I'd better defend the Todd Hundley card I was assigned:

    He's a catcher, but he's wearing his helmet facing forward. That's CRAZY!

    He's the son of Randy Hundley; between them they caught 2,122 games. Is that a record for a father-son duo? PROBABLY!

    The Mets traded him to the Dodgers along with a minor leaguer named Arnold Gooch. That's funny, right? In the same three-team deal, the Orioles received Charles Johnson from the Dodgers. Charles is Todd's best comparable on Spooky!

    He hit a home run on Opening Day for four straight years (1994-1997), and was the first visitor at AT&T Park to hit a homer into McCovey Cove. Hundley is also the Mets' single-season HR leader with 41 (tied with Carlos Beltran).

    Finally, he had a cameo in one of my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches, in which a bunch of increasingly-mediocre players try to encourage a small boy to follow his dreams, but end up just creeping him out. Mark Grudzielanek stole the show by hitting on the kid's mom (played by Helen Hunt). TODD!

  2. went with Reardon.

    The beard man, THE BEARD!

  3. If I didn't have a vested interest, I would so vote for Todd Hundley. But I do, so I went with Oil Can & so should you!

  4. Love the Hubie card, so that one easily wins.

  5. Oil can with the early lead...I heard he's trying to break back into the majors. Seriously.

  6. Reardon had the scariest beard I ever saw.

  7. Oil Can announced a comeback in February of this year, at least according to Wikapedia. Not sure how far he made it though.

  8. I'm all about Hubie...there's no reason for him to lose this round!