Thursday, August 20, 2009

When is this card? 2007 Upper Deck Albert Pujols #443

I can't be entirely sure about the date of this photo, but it's almost certainly from this game on June 23, 2006. That's the only time that Pujols faced Justin Verlander (the pictured pitcher) that year and it came in Detroit. In the top of the 5th of that game, Pujols doubled to deep right field and was thrown out, I assume either trying to advance to third base or oversliding at second.


Albert Pujols = Jabs polluters
Justin Verlander = Turns javelin red


Total bases over the first eight years of a career--Number 1: Phat Albert


  1. I think that photo was from teh World Series that year. You can see a little of the WS patch on Pujols' right shoulder.

  2. Oh hmm....that would make sense. If so, then it would have to be Pujols' 3rd-inning homer in this game.

    Nice call, Don.

  3. I agree with Don. There's also a patch on Verlander's hat, and he and Albert don't look dressed for June. You want Game One of the World Series, October 21, 2006. In the top of the third, Albert hit a two-out, two-run homer to right field, giving St. Louis a 4-1 lead.

  4. A lot of UD's photos from that year are from postseason games.

  5. that is an awesome picture, with Verelander's face and all. Albert looks like he's licking his lips, lol.