Monday, March 23, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #12: Stan Belinda

Stan Belinda

Whew, Stan Belinda comes to the rescue to end the streak of fringe players.

PHOTO: Not a bad photo. I like the scowl.

STAT: Belinda was sort of a part-time closer early in his career, as you can see right here. He was the only guy to have 10 to 19 saves every season from 1991 to 1993.

CAREER: 4/10

Belinda was an above average relief pitcher, although he had only two great years (1995 with the Red Sox and 1998 with the Reds.) He was used as a closer sometimes although never totaled as many as 20 saves in a single season. He was an important part of the Pirates' bullpen in their 3 consecutive division-winning teams 1990-1992.

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  1. Thanks for giving Belinda his just due. He was actually a really good closer whose career was cut short by giving up the GW RBI single to Franky Cabrera that lost the '92 NLCS.