Saturday, March 28, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #21: George Canale

George Canale

I actually saw Canale play in a minor-league game in Denver, back when the Zephyrs were the AAA affiliate of the Brewers. He hit 1 or 2 homers in the game I saw, actually.

His last name is pronounced sort of like "finale" in the sense that the "e" at the end is not silent.

PHOTO: I hate wad-of-tobacco shots.

STAT: Canale is 1 of just 6 guys to have 10+ RBI in a season with no more than 34 AB.

CAREER: 1/10

After seeing his great game in the minors, I was a fan of Canale and I sure wish I could give him higher than a 1. But he had only 73 AB in the majors, and even though he had a couple of homers that helped out the Brewers, I can't justify anything higher than this.

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