Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #15: Andy Benes

Andy Benes

PHOTO: That's a weird washed-out photo of Benes.

STAT: In the 1990s, Benes had the most seasons with at least 10 wins and 10 losses.

CAREER: 5/10

The stat tells you all you need to know about Benes. He was reliable, sure, but was reliably average. His ERA+ was within 10 points of average just about every year of his career, but he did that while posting 200 innings or close to it most of the time, which is definitely valuable in this day and age.

His score would have been higher except for the fact that he was pretty bad in just about all of his 9 post-season starts. He was 1-1 in those games, but with a 5.47 ERA.


  1. It's so washed out that it looks like it was taken at night. But I'm sure it wasn't.

  2. Greater Benes: Andy, Alan or Elaine?

  3. Elaine definitely.

    Hell yes: