Thursday, July 2, 2009

1990 Upper Deck #737 738 739 740

Carlos Baerga
Greg Smith
Scott Sanderson
Joe Kraemer


These are all pretty ho-hum photos. That Sanderson headshot is way too up-close and overlit for my liking although it is nice to see the alternate jersey. I can't find much of note except the Texas Ranger behind Sanderson on the back of his card.


From 1990 to 1993, Sanderson was one of 5 pitchers to register double-digit wins and losses in every season. He was the worst pitcher of the bunch.

BEST IN 1990

Sanderson was best in 1990, as he went 17-11 in his lone year with the Athletics despite a slightly below-average ERA. He also appeared in 2 games in relief in the 1990 World Series, pitching a scoreless inning of relief in one and getting bombed in the other (2 outs, 3 hits, one walk, 2 earned runs). It's also worth noting that his neutralized stats suggest that he deserved to go 9-12 in 1990.

But of the other candidates, only Baerga played much, doing decently in his rookie year.


Carlos Baerga = A scarab ogler
Scott Sanderson = Dance, snort, toss


This, too, is a tough call. Sanderson and Baerga were both average players. (Seriously. Sanderson finished with a career ERA+ of 102 and Baerga finished with a career OPS+ of 100.)

But I'll give the edge to Baerga for 2 reasons: firstly, he was a second baseman, so finishing with an average OPS is pretty good and secondly, he did well in the post-season, driving in 8 runs in the 1995 post-season (4 each in the ALCS and World Series.)

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