Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1990 Upper Deck #761 762 763 764

Gary Disarcina
Wayne Edwards
Pat Combs
Mickey Pina


Well these are some boring photos. That's Brian Downing in the background of DiSarcina's card. On the back, that might be 3B Jack Howell but it's impossible to know. Edwards looks fairly doofy on both the front and back of his card.


Since 1992 DiSarcina has 2 of the 21 worst seasons for runs produced (which is R + RBI - HR) minimum 500 plate appearances.

BEST IN 1990

Wayne Edwards was clearly the best of this lot in 1990. It was his only full season and it was a good one, with Wayne pitching 95 innings, surrendering only 81 hits and 41 walks while earning a 3.22 ERA.


Gary DiSarcina = Airy cardigans
Wayne Edwards = Wayward needs
Pat Combs = Stomp cab
Mickey Pina = Me, I panicky!


Well, clearly Gary DiSarcina is the best of this group since he was the only guy to stick in the majors for more than 4 seasons. Mickey Pina never even made it to the majors, making it quite surprising that he had a card in this set.

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