Monday, July 27, 2009

1990 Upper Deck #797 798 799 800

Randy Myers
Chris James
Bill Gullickson
Upper Deck Checklist 701-800


The James card is similar to Keith Hernandez's card and has an equally nice batting-cage shot on the back. Overall, a very nice card. The Gullickson card is neat too. On the front, he's sitting in front of that wood paneling in front of which many Astros have posed. On the back is the final picture of the set, and it's a sloppy-haired candid photo.

But let's not ignore the checklist...I really like that mottled yellow background on both sides and how the checklist is self-referential, listing itself on the back.


Chris James hit pretty well against HOF pitchers except for Nolan Ryan. He also hit multiple homers off Randy Johnson and Tom Glavine and a single homer off Roger Clemens. He also homered once against Randy Myers, also pictured in this group. Plus he was 4-for-9 against Bill Gullickson with a triple.

BEST IN 1990

Chris James had his most playing time in 1990 and put up his best season. Gullickson had a typically average season.

But it was Randy Myers who had the best season in 1990. He was, of course, the leader of the Nasty Boys with the 1990 champion Reds. He had 86 innings, 98 strikeouts, and a 192 ERA+.


Randy Myers = Many dryers
Chris James = Jams riches
Bill Gullickson = Bill sucking - LOL!


James and Gullickson had some good seasons but Myers is clearly the best of the bunch.


  1. Randall Kirk Myers. Between him and Dibble, you were lucky to hit ANYTHING late in the game against that '90 Reds squad.

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