Monday, July 6, 2009

1990 Upper Deck #745 746 747 748

Dave Winfield
Delino DeShields
Dann Howitt
Tony Pena


Two different players here are holding up two fingers. DeShields is doing it on the front of his card while Howitt is doing it on the back of his. Of course, they're doing it for totally different purposes. DeShields is telling his waitress he wants two more shots of Jagermeister while Howitt is showing just how big a fan of Ozzy Osbourne he is.

I would be remiss not to mention the photo on the back of Tony Pena's card. This might be the best photo in the entire set. They made use of the space to show a horizontal shot, allowing them to capture Pena's leg stuck out while catching, something unusual for a catcher which Pena often did. Simply fantastic.


Winfield had an OPS+ of at least 105 in every season he played from 1973 to 1993 (he missed all of 1989 due to injury.)

BEST IN 1990

DeShields and Winfield both had good seasons in 1990 but Big Dave takes the cake.


Dave Winfield = Flawed divine = Waved infield
Delino DeShields = I diddle no less, eh?
Tony Pena = Neat pony!


HOF Dave Winfield


  1. Delino DeShields: long live the double-flap helmet.

  2. Although I am a big Deshields fan - have to go with teh HOF'er - Mr May!!!

  3. Each of the players fit nicely into photo space on the back, but the Pena card is by far the most intersting. It was no contest once I saw that.