Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1990 Upper Deck #765 766 767 768

Wilson Alvarez

Dave Parker
Mike Blowers
Tony Phillips


The Phillips photo is pretty neat, although it almost looks posed, like the ball is just sitting there on the ground. I like his open hand about to close down on the ball, though.

The photo on the back of Parker's card was almost certainly taken on April 9, 1990, since the Brewers opened their season at Chicago and there is red, white, and blue bunting. Looks like the Brewers and White Sox played an interesting home-at-home series at the beginning of that season, playing one game in each city.


Check out the list of all-time leaders in most seasons with 100 walks and 100 runs scored. I bet you never would have guessed Tony Phillips would come in so high, on the level with Wade Boggs and ahead of lots of great players.

BEST IN 1990

This is another pretty easy call. Dave Parker had his last really good season in 1990, finishing with 21 HR and 92 RBI and a 118 OPS+. Alvarez wasn't in the majors, Blowers only played part of a season, and Tony Phillips was just starting the renaissance that lasted for the second half of his career.


Wilson Alvarez = Razes own villa
Dave Parker = Repaved ark
Mike Blowers = Be like worms
Tony Phillips = Sloppily hint


Dave Parker had the best career of this lot, but he did have some competition. Tony Phillips went from being a very average player to one of the best leadoff hitters in the game. Wilson Alvarez had a lot of talent but injuries ruined his career.


  1. Tony Phillips also struck out a lot, which always seemed odd to me that someone who would walk so much and score so much would also have that many strikeouts.

  2. When I was 11, and Mike Blowers played for Seattle, I thought it was hilarious to pronounce his name "BLOWers" (as opposed to BLAU-ers).

  3. That's funny, because I pronounce your name KEY-VINE