Thursday, July 16, 2009

You down with O-Pee-Chee?

(Yeah, you know me!)

OK I have collected a little over half of the 2009 OPC base set and I'm ready to do some trading. I've got lots of doubles, as well as black parallels, mini-parallels, a Wladimir Balentien auto, and a bunch of other stuff. Whatever team you like, I've got stuff for you.

If you have 2009 OPC cards to trade me, please see my want list here, then email me to let me know what you've got, where I can find your want lists, etc.

Also, as a special bonus, I will send you the return postage for all trades--that's right--I'll send my stuff first, and send you the stamps to return your package to me.

Email is 88topps at gmail dot com.


  1. although I am desperate for help in completing this, I am down to only black border cards left to trade.
    If you need any of those, lmk...

  2. I have a bunch. I'll get a list together for you.

  3. Hey Man,

    I am actually collecting the black border set + the face of the francise, and the yankee subset. I have a ton of regular cards. I can definately help you out. can you email all your wants from the set. P.S. this weekend I pulled a coveted 1971 OPC Johnny Bench buyback card!!!

  4. I will collate the pile i have from 2 blasters and see what I can do for you. gimme a day or three on that one.