Friday, April 3, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #32: Brian DuBois

Brian DuBois

Hey, it's our second straight card featuring a player with a capitalized letter in the middle of his last name!

I seem to recall that this guy's last name was pronounced "Du-BOYS" and not "Doo-BWAH" as the normal French pronunciation would go...does anybody recall?

PHOTO: Looks like another Tiger Stadium shot. I'm trying to figure out what DuBois' t-shirt says underneath his jersey. It doesn't quite look like "DETROIT"...any thoughts?

STAT: DuBois had a strange year in 1989, starting 5 games, winning none, losing 4, but also posting an ERA+ over 200. There have been only 22 seasons like that in the last 100+ years, by mostly forgettable pitchers.

CAREER: 2/10

DuBois had a pretty good first year, posting a 1.75 ERA over 36 IP. Digging slightly deeper, though, shows just 13 K's in those 36 innings to go along with 17 walks. He better those numbers in 1990, but not enough to have it make a difference, pitching to a 5.09 ERA. And that was it...two years and done.

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  1. I think I can make out "DEFE" (I had to zoom to 200% for that) but that isn't the end of it. There's another word below that and something above it that starts with B.