Monday, April 13, 2009

RESULTS: Traded Sets Baseball Challenge: Week 1

Here are the point totals from Week 1. Lots of people got hurt by the fact that Micah Owings didn't start for the Reds due to a rainout the previous night.

Me: 1
Night Owl: 1
MMayes: 3 (Bay homered twice but you get only 1 point for that!)
RoofGod: 1
Dave: 3 (ooh! Wrong LaRoche!)
Don: 3 (counted only your first HR hitter guess for each game)
Captain Canuck: 2
thenennthinning: 1
thewritersjourney: 0
gcrl: 4
steveisjewish: 1
FanOfReds: 1 (I said this in my previous comments, but the HR guess of "none" is acceptable, just not right in this case)

Whew, we almost had a big tie there but gcrl pulled it out. He wins, and I know he wants Dodgers, AND I already have his address, so he needs to do nothing to get his prize.

Nearly everybody got Sabathia and nobody got the HR hitter (Swisher) for the Yankees-Royals game.

If you would like to see a specific game used in Week 2, put it in the comments here today. I will post the Week 2 contest tomorrow.

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