Saturday, April 4, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #33: Mike Dyer

Mike Dyer

Now isn't this odd. If Dyer's middle name were "Cud," that would be really neat. Because then we'd have two Twins players: Mike Cud Dyer and Mike Cuddyer.

PHOTO: Looks like he's checking the runner. Get used to that, dude, because you're going to give up a lot of baserunners in your career.

STAT: After starting in 1989, Dyer was a reliever for the rest of his career. But he did spin a few nice gems, including his only complete game, a 1-run effort against the White Sox.

CAREER: 2/10

After his MLB debut in 1989, 16 games with the Twins, Dyer went to the minors and resurfaced again in 1994 with the Pirates. In 1995 and 1996, he was a league-average reliever pitching 150 innings over the 2 seasons.


  1. I remember reading someone (Rob Neyer?) in the early part of this decade wishing Gil Meche's middle name was G, so he could be Gil G Meche (Gilgamesh).

  2. I barely remember Dyer as a Buc. That was during a period (mid 90s) when they were cutting so much payroll they were picking up ancient bums who were in the minors. Once McClatchy bought the team in '97 and they put a plan in place for PNC Park, they slowly upped the payroll again.