Saturday, April 18, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #48: Marquis Grissom

Marquis Grissom

PHOTO: Oh, what a great photo! Looks like Grissom just roped a double down the line at Wrigley. Oh and there's a busty lady in a green dress in the background.

STAT: Over 1991-1992, Grissom had by far the most stolen bases in the big leagues. He's also one of just 10 players since 1901 to have multiple seasons with 75+ stolen bases.

CAREER: 6/10

Grissom is pretty overrated, actually, although he was a heck of a lot better in the big leagues than the majority of the players in this set. He had an OPS+ of 100 or better with a minimum of 140 games in just 4 seasons although his career OPS+ of 92 is certainly not terrible. To his credit he did hit well in the post-season, with an .800 OPS. In 231 career PAs in the post-season he drove in 20 runs (great) and scored 34 runs (fantastic.)

Grissom was traded in a number of big deals with or for some very good players including Roberto Kelly, David Justice, Kenny Lofton, Mike Fetters, and Devon White.


  1. You HOPE that's a busty lady in a green dress. Wrigley is a few blocks away from Boystown.

  2. I looked up Grissom in retrosheet. He didn't hit a double in his two games in Wrigley in 1989 but he did hit a home run. Off of Greg Maddux.

  3. I kinda think your busty lady is a green coat. There's a guy just above and to the right of "her," and it looks like his hand is going through "her." I think that's his coat draped over his arm.

    But we can all pretend it's a busty lady, that would be a lot more fun than a green coat.

    Oh, and Grissom was fun to watch as a Brave. And he caught the final out of the '95 World Series