Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #45: Tommy Greene

Tommy Greene

PHOTO: This is the cleanest-cut look I have ever seen Greene sport, yet he also looks about 40 years old in this photo, when he was actually about 22.

Greene was a thrown-in in the Dale Murphy trade and was huge for the 1993 Phillies.

STAT: Greene is one of just 9 guys to issue at least 7 walks in a no-hitter.

CAREER: 3/10

Greene had one very good year with the Phillies in 1993. It wasn't as good as his 16-4 record indicates and he also pitched poorly in the post-season that year.

The above-mentioned no-hitter was caught by Darren Fletcher, as mentioned by a commenter.


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