Monday, April 20, 2009

RESULTS: Traded Sets Baseball Challenge: Week 2

Scores for Week 2:

RoofGod: 2
night owl: 2
Dave: 2
White Sox Cards: 1
Marcus T: 2
Don: 2
gcrl: 0
Luke: 2
Andy: 3

Hot damn! I beat everybody!

No winner this week, but the jackpot continues to build. Check back tomorrow for this week's contest. I am going to pick games with some more mainstream pitchers...


  1. crap. I forgot about this.

    I need a good week coming up...

  2. gah. for what it's worth, kouz did go deep on saturday - game winner - but that's still only 1 point for me.
    wait til this week!

  3. oh sorry on that scoring error