Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Traded Sets Baseball Challenge: Week 2

Here we go with Week 2 of the challenge. For all the rules, please refer back to the Week 1 post. Quick version: pick the winning pitcher and ONE player you think will homer for each game listed below.

In addition to the regular weekly prize, I am adding something new to the bonus jackpot: two unopened packs of 2009 Topps Heritage baseball. So now you've got those 2 packs and the 1988 Score Rookies & Traded set.

Here are this week's games along with projected starters. Post your guesses here. Reminder that tie-breaker is whoever posted his or her comment first.

All games are Saturday April 18th:

Game #1, in memory of Harry Kalas:
Padres at Phillies (S Hill vs C Park)
Winning pitcher: ?
HR hitter: ?

Game #2, in memory of Mark Fidrych:
Tigers at Mariners (E Jackson vs E Bedard)
Winning pitcher: ?
HR hitter: ?

Game #3, in memory of Nick Adenhart:
Angels at Twins (S Loux vs K Slowey)
Winning pitcher: ?
HR hitter: ?


  1. Game 1: WP C. Park HR R. Howard
    Game 2: WP E. Jackson HR M. Cabrera
    Game 3: WP J. Nathan HR V. Guerrero

  2. Wow, those pitchers. Who ARE those guys.

    Game #1: WP-Mujica; HR-Ibanez
    Game #2: WP-Miner; HR-Ordonez
    Game #3: WP-Moseley; HR-Hunter

  3. Game #1
    Winning pitcher: Heath Bell
    HR hitter: Ibanez

    Game #2
    Winning pitcher: Bedard
    HR hitter: Griffey Jr

    Game #3
    Winning pitcher: Slowey
    HR hitter: Guerrero

  4. Game #1
    WP: Scott Eyre
    HR: Victorino

    Game #2
    WP: Rincon
    HR: Josh Anderson

    Game #3
    WP: Slowey
    HR: Crede

  5. Game #1:
    Winning pitcher: Madsen
    HR hitter: Howard

    Game #2:
    Winning pitcher: Bedard
    HR hitter: Beltre

    Game #3:
    Winning pitcher: Slowey
    HR hitter: Morneau

  6. Game 1:
    WP: Madsen
    HR: Howard

    Game 2
    WP: Jackson
    HR: Cabrera

    Game 3:
    WP: D. Oliver
    HR: Morneau

  7. game 1: park, kouzmanoff

    game 2: bedard, beltre

    game 3: crain, crede

  8. Game 1: WP: B. Lidge
    HR: A. Gonzalez

    Game 2: WP: E. Jackson
    HR: M. Cabrera

    Game 3: WP: J. Arredondo
    HR: J. Mornneau

  9. Game 1:
    WP Park, HR Utley
    Game 2:
    WP Bedard, HR Griffey
    Game 3:
    WP Slowey, HR Hunter

  10. Game #1: WP-Park; HR-Headley
    Game #2: WP-Bedard; HR-Branyan
    Game #3: WP-Shields; HR-Cuddyer