Friday, May 22, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #101: Rob Richie

Rob Richie

After his baseball career, Rob Richie went on to a very successful music career. Oh wait, that was the other Rob Richie.

PHOTO: A ho-hum photo saved only by the fact that the man has a great smile.

STAT: Richie had a very short but very productive major-league career. Of his 13 career hits, he had 4 doubles, 2 triple, and 1 homer, as well as 3 hits that brought his team back from a deficit. He had a 132 OPS+ in his lone season (comprising only 55 PA.)

CAREER: 1/10

Richie barely played in the majors after jumping through the minors. He played well with the Tigers in 1989 and then never played professional ball again. I can't find any record of what happened to him but I assume he must have gotten injured. Does anybody know?

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  1. As a Tiger fan, the sudden end of Ritchie's career was fairly surprising. He did well since coming up and there was some promise surrounding him as a young player of the future, indeed, I was at his debut.

    Sometime during the winter, there was a blurb in the paper announcing his sudden retirement. I am fairly sure that there wasn't an injury and it alluded to a personal issue. I would love to know what happened to him.