Sunday, May 17, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #92: Francisco Oliveras

Francisco Oliveras

PHOTO: For all these photos with the mesh jerseys, I'm always wondering what's showing from underneath. Oliveras' T-shirt looks like it might show a crab or something odd like that.

This guy is not to be confused with Omar Olivares, whose last name is actually spelled slightly differently.

STAT: For guys pitching no more than 250 innings before The Steroids Era (up until 1992) Oliveras had one of the highest HR totals, although he wasn't all that bad of a pitcher. Check out the three guys to hit multiple homers off him. Jay Bell did it before he transformed into a power hitter.

ANAGRAM: Francisco Oliveras = Cocaine flavors, sir! (and also "No valor sacrifices!")

CAREER: 2/10

Not a bad pitcher with one really good year and 3 fairly decent years.

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