Sunday, May 31, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #113: Scott Scudder

Scott Scudder

PHOTO: Wow, this is a great photo. The Reds cards in this set look really good due to the red color of the borders. But also this is a very nice closeup, compacting Scudder's entire frame into the photo. I also like the slight blurriness on his right foot, probably due to the fact that it's so much further back and therefore out of focus (or maybe because it was moving quickly during his follow-through.)

STAT: A pretty impressive list of power hitters had multiple homers off Scudder. The only one who doesn't belong is Mike Fitzgerald, who himself hit multiple homers off just 5 pitchers. Scudder is the least impressive of that list.

ANAGRAM: Scott Scudder, Reds = Odd crested crusts

CAREER: 3/10

Scudder was a slightly below-average pitcher who walked too many guys and didn't strike out enough. He did face 10 batters in the 1990 postseason and didn't allow any earned runs. He was also traded away with Jack Armstrong to give the Reds one good year of Greg Swindell.

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