Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #85: Mike Munoz

Mike Munoz

PHOTO: Munoz is standing in almost exactly the same spot as Mike Hartley was. The trees in the background are quite recognizable. I do like the occasional lush green tree photo, but I wish the angle had been changed a little bit between these two cards.

STAT: Munoz gave up multiple homers to 4 guys, and I believe that all four have been mentioned in conjunction with steroids at one time or another.

ANAGRAM: Mike Munoz, P, Dodgers = Perked mound gizmos (and certainly not "sodomized germ punk" or "memorized dog spunk")

CAREER: 4/10

Munoz was a pretty good relief pitcher who was hurt in his final totals by pitching a number of years at Coors Field when it was still a launching pad. His actual career ERA was 5.19, good for a 95 ERA+. However, his neutralized ERA was 4.22, which would have given him an ERA+ well over 100.

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