Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Traded Sets Baseball Challenge: Week 8

Something a bit new for this week. You pick three teams playing games on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of this week, and your final score is the total number of runs scored by those 3 teams in their games.

So here is a sample entry (this is not my own entry for the contest):

Tigers on Thursday May 28th (vs Orioles)
Dodgers on Saturday May 30th (vs Cubs)
Padres on Friday May 29th (vs Rockies)

So let's say the Tigers win 7-4, Dodgers lose 8-2, and Padres win 5-4. My final score would be 7 from the Tigers, 2 from the Dodgers, and 5 from the Padres, 7+2+5 = 14. It doesn't matter if the teams you pick win or lose, nor do you have to pick one game from each day.

  • You can pick the same team and game as someone else, but if you completely duplicate an earlier entry, you'll lose on the tiebreaker.
  • Ties are broken based on who posted their comment earlier.
  • You can enter any time between now when your games start. In other words, your entry cannot contain any games that have already started. So, you can enter on Friday or Saturday if you want, as long as you pick only games that start after your entry is posted. Otherwise, I'll ignore your entry.
  • MAKE SURE you put the right days for your games. If you forget or it's unclear, I'll ignore your entry.
Here are the games for Thursday May 28th
Here are the games for Friday May 29th
Here are the games for Saturday May30th

The winner gets a selection of cards.

Night Owl gets +1 because he guessed Shopped Card #4 correctly. You can still earn yourself a bonus point by guessing Shopped Card #1 (be sure to read all the hints in the comments.)

I am also making the jackpot easier to win this week. If you are the winner and one of your selected teams scored 12 or more runs, or your 3-team total is at least 30 runs, you win the jackpot.

Here's what's in the jackpot:
  • 1988 Score Rookies & Traded set
  • 2 packs 2009 Topps Heritage baseball
  • 6 packs 2009 Upper Deck Series 1 baseball
  • 9 packs 2008 Topps Series 1 baseball
  • 4 more packs of 2008 Topps Series 1 baseball
  • 3 packs of 2009 Upper Deck Artifacts: A Piece of History Baseball
  • 4 bonus insert T-205 design packs from Target Topps 2008 Series 1 Baseball blasters
  • NEW: 4 more packs of 2009 Upper Deck Artifacts: A Piece of History Baseball
That's 32 packs, folks. Somebody's gonna win the jackpot this week. Good luck!


  1. Rays on Thursday, May 28 (vs. Indians)
    Pirates on Friday, May 29 (vs. Astros)
    Phillies on Saturday, May 30 (vs. Nationals)

  2. Orioles on Thursday, May 28 (vs. Tigers)
    Rangers on Friday, May 29 (vs. A's)
    Phllies on Saturday, May 30 (vs. Nats)

  3. Dodgers on Thursday, May 28 (vs. Cubs)
    Rays on Friday, May 29 (vs. Twins)
    Rockies on Saturday, May 30 (vs. Padres)

  4. Rays on Thursday (vs. Indians)
    Yankees on Friday (vs. Indians)
    Red Sox on Saturday (vs. Blue Jays)

  5. Rangers on Friday May 29 (vs. A's Game 1)
    Tigers on Friday May 29 (vs. Orioles)
    Yankees on Saturday May 30 (vs. Indians)

  6. Rockies on Friday, May 29
    Dodgers on Saturday, May 30
    Rockies on Saturday, May 30

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  9. I suck. Try this one:

    Red Sox on Thursday (vs. Twins)
    Rangers on Friday (vs. A's) Game 1Cardinals on Saturday (vs. Giants)

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  11. Phillies on Friday, May 29
    Detroit on Friday, May 29
    Texas on Saturday, May 30

  12. You're OK Real_Name. Thanks.

  13. Red Sox on Saturday
    Yankees on Saturday
    Phillies on Saturday

  14. Rangers vs Oakland Friday May 29 (Game One)
    Rangers vs Oakland Friday May 29 (Game Two)
    Rangers vs Oakland Saturday May 30

  15. Tigers on Thursday May 28 (Orioles)
    Pirates on Friday May 29th (Astros)
    Phillies on Saturday May 30th (Nationals)

  16. Tigers on Thursday, May 28 (vs. Orioles)
    Rangers on Friday, May 29 (vs. A's)
    Rays on Saturday, May 30 (vs. Twins)

  17. Rangers on Friday May 29th (vs A's)
    Rays on Friday May 29th (vs Twins)
    Pirates on Saturday May 30th (vs 'Stros)

  18. Dodgers on Saturday May 30th)(vs. Cubs)
    Rays on Saturday May 30th)(vs. Twins)
    Yankees on Saturday May 30th)(vs Indians)

  19. +1 for dayf since he got Shopped Cards #1

  20. Rays on Thursday May 28 (vs. Cleveland)
    Red Sox on Friday May 29 (vs. Toronto)
    Rays on Saturday May 30 (vs. Minne)

  21. detroit

  22. Sorry-- didn't read all the rules:
    detroit - Thursday May 28
    colorodo - Friday May 29
    philadelphia - Saturday May 30

  23. All Saturday games: Blue Jays, Phillies, Rays.


  24. Indians on Thursday
    Rangers on Friday
    Phillies on Staurday


  25. Dodgers - 5/28
    Yankees - 5/29
    Rockies - 5/30

  26. Thur: Tampa Bay
    Fri: Cincinnati
    Sat: Yankees

  27. Rays on Thursday, May 28 (vs. Indians)
    Tigers on Friday, May 29 (vs. Orioles)
    Yankees on Saturday, May 30 (vs. Indians)

  28. thurs : boston
    fri: detroit
    sat: toronto
    p.s. on friday with oakland and texas in a doubleheader, you should take the average of the 2 games score, or just count game 1 unless otherwze noted.

  29. Thurs: Rays (vs. Indians)
    Fri: Rangers (vs. Athletics) Game 1
    Sat: Rays (vs. Twins)

  30. Thurs: Rays
    Fri:White Sox
    Sat: Tigers

  31. Thurs: Rays
    Fri: Rangers
    Sat: Rockies

  32. Thursday - Orioles
    Friday - Rays
    Saturday - Rangers

  33. Thurs - Dodgers
    Fri - Yankees
    Sat - Phillies

  34. blue jays, rangers and phillies - all saturday games.

  35. Dodgers Thursday (Cubs)
    Angels Friday (Mariners)
    Rangers Saturday (A's)

  36. Tigers on Thurs.
    Rays on Fri.
    Brewers on Sat.

  37. Rays on Thurs.
    Pirates on Fri.
    Yankees on Sat.

  38. RE: cubfan---guesses won't count if which game of the doubleheader isn't specified.

  39. Rays on Friday May 29th (vs Twins)
    Tigers on Friday May 29th (vs Orioles)
    Phillies on Saturday May 30th (vs Nationals)

  40. Yankees on Friday (vs. Indians)
    Phillies on Saturday May 30th (vs Nationals)
    White Sox on Saturday May 30th (vs Royals)

  41. Rays on Thursday
    Rays on Friday
    Rays on Saturday.

  42. Tigers on Fri. (vs. Orioles)
    Blue Jays on Fri. (vs. Red Sox)
    Yankees on Sat. (vs. Indians)

  43. I'll Take---

    Twins on Thursday vs. R.Sox
    Rangers in Game one Vs. A's. 505 start
    Red Sox on Saturday vs. Blue Jays

  44. Mets on Friday (29th)
    Rockies on Friday (29th)
    Tigers on Saturday (30th)

  45. Rays on Thursday
    Phillies on Friday
    Yankees on Saturday

  46. Dodgers on Thursday (5/28)
    Yankees on Friday (5/29)
    Cardinals on Saturday (5/30)

  47. Mets on Friday
    Red Sox on Friday
    Yankees on Saturday

  48. Gonna sneak a Thursday pick in here,then wait for the explosion of runs on Saturday:

    Orioles on Thursday
    Rays on Saturday
    Yankees on Saturday

  49. Pirates Friday
    Rays Friday
    Yankees Saturday

  50. Red Sox Friday
    Phillies Friday
    Rockies Saturday

  51. wow...51st comment on this post.

    I'm going with:
    Tigers on Friday,
    Yankees on Saturday,
    Rangers on Saturday

  52. I am posting a little late as I am getting married this weekend regardless here are my picks

    Fri - TOR
    Sat - NYY
    Sat - COL

    Like Andy, I will take 1 friday and two saturdays plus my +1 from winning - is that OK?



  53. Andy, I realized that I did not specify which game of the Rangers/A's DH I picked. I ment to go with the 1st game (but it has just started). What will your ruling be?

  54. I was keeping score
    looks like andy is going to win
    unless the cardinals score 17 lol

  55. Wow...I am stunned by this. I think I am going to stop entering these contests.

  56. AceWild--do you have a full version of that spreadsheet you can send me? It would be quicker to use yours and verify it's correctness. Either way can you email me personally at 88topps at gmail dot com.

  57. Haha, the Andy that posted this got 1 point, while the Andy that won it got 26. That's kind of interesting.
    Thanks for doing the contest, Andy. :D

  58. I think it should go to the second place team :P since Andy had 26... and I had 25 with my 3 Rangers games :D

  59. LynchCats---drop me an email at 88topps at gmail dot com and I'll see about hooking you up with a prize.

  60. i think i had 28 runs from the blue jays, rangers, and phillies on saturday.