Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shopped Cards #1

I'm going to start a series of puzzles called Shopped Cards (where "shopped" means "Photoshopped" but Adobe doesn't like you using the full name like that since it might invalidate their trademark.)

This is a simple snippet from a card. Unlike the last puzzle, this one hasn't been altered in any way--just cropped right out of a card photo. (Future Shopped Cards might be altered, but this one isn't.)

The only clues I'll offer is that this card has not been featured on this blog (or any of my blogs, in fact) and that this is designed to be fairly easy.

I'll give the first correct commenter +1 on their RBI total for this week's Challenge contest.


  1. Looks like a 2008 Topps Heritage Card - cannot figure out which one. Maybe Ichiro?

  2. It's not a 2008 Topps Heritage Card.

  3. Thinking 59 Topps. Guess Tom Brewer

  4. Not 1959 Topps.

    Not Topps at all.

  5. It's a 1980s card, and as already mentioned, not Topps.

  6. Hey Andy,

    I have been really trying to figure this one out. FIrst of all, I assume it is baseball. The colours would equal the brewers, the four lite blue lines at the top can easily translate into an "m" and "i" which would fit with Milwaukee perfectly. Unfortunately, all Donruss, Fleer, SCore, Upperdeck, and Sportsflicks cars of the 80s do not match the design, can I have one more clue?


  7. Good detective work so far Dave.

    Yes, it's baseball.

    You're on the right track that the lines at the top are writing. The word Milwaukee does not appear on the card front. (and this is the front of the card.)

    And this is definitely from the 1980s, and is from one of the manufacturers you mentioned, and the design is a regular-issue base set design (not some wacky insert set you could only buy at Rite Aid or something like that.)

  8. 1987 Fleer Bobby Bonilla #605.

    Once I saw it was from the '80s I knew it was '87 Fleer and it was just a matter of thumbing through the set looking for the yellow hat under the name. Without the hint I would have been completely lost though.

  9. dayf got it. See the original card image over at his blog here.