Friday, May 1, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #67: Matt Kinzer

Matt Kinzer

PHOTO: I love, love, love, photos that show the ball mid-flight. I don't know if Kinzer was a heavy guy or not, but this photo certainly wasn't very flattering.

STAT: Kinzer pitched for the Cardinals and Tigers but may be best remembered by Phillies fans due to this meaningless late-season game in 1989 where he served up a walk-off grand-slam gopher ball to John Kruk in the 12 inning.

CAREER: 1/10

This poor guy pitched 15 innings in the majors and gave up 22 earned runs.

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  1. at 6'2" 210 lbs., he doesn't list heavy, but then again, they listed Cecil Fielder at 240 lbs. for years, so anything is possible.