Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clemens on Mike & Mike

Did anybody else hear Roger Clemens on the Mike & Mike show in ESPN Radio this morning?

I'm not saying that I think Clemens did or did not use steroids, but have you ever heard a guy interviewed who sounded more nervous, had less conviction, or sounded more like he had something to hide?

You'd think that after maintaining total silence for such a long time and having such a controlled interview with the media that Clemens would have been better rehearsed and more relaxed. Regardless of the actual facts of the case, Clemens sounded like a very guilty man today. (And when examined, I don't think the facts help him much either...)

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree about the way Clemens sounds when he's blabbing his mouth off about this stuff.. And it's ridiculous cuz I fully believe he took steroids, along with the vast majority of fans out there.. It's like man, just keep your mouth shut, cuz every time you open it you just sound more and more guilty..

    I heard something he said a couple months back - he goes 'How many more millions do I have to spend to clear my name?' LOL.. And it's just like Roger, no amount of money is gonna miraculously prove that you didn't juice, with the damning evidence that's out there.. Just swallow your pride and zip it, cuz you're not doing yourself ANY favors.