Monday, May 4, 2009

RESULTS: Traded Sets Baseball Challenge: Week 4

Here are the totals (out of a possible 15) for number of winners correctly guessed:

Captain Canuck: 10
Ben: 6
White Sox Cards: 6
MMayes: 9
Real_Name: 8
night owl: 9 (you got the Nats and Astros, which nobody else did before you)
Desuko: 7
Don: 11
Raphy: 6
Dave: 9
Andy: 9
Marcus T: 3
Dan: 9

Winner is Don, with a very impressive 11 out of 15 right. Night Owl and Dave were the only ones to pick the Tigers or the Astros but both missed a couple of other games to cost them the win for the week. Captain Canuck did well too, just a bit shy this week.

Don, I'm going to send you an email because I don't think I still have your mailing address.


  1. Am I banned from competing in next week's competition because I only got 3 right? If not, I should be. Yeesh.

  2. You're not banned. Just unlucky this week.