Monday, June 1, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #114: Rudy Seanez

Rudy Seanez

PHOTO: One thing sucks about this card: the shadow across Seanez's face. Everything else about it, however, kicks ass. We've got a line of Indians trailing off into the distance, majestic light towers standing tall over the trees, an intriguing shadow coming in from the left, and miles and miles of green grass. Quite nearly a prefect photo.

STAT: Since 1901, 44 pitchers have pitched at least 500 innings without ever starting a game or amassing more than 200 saves. Among these guys, Seanez is in the top 5 for strikeout rate.

ANAGRAM: Rudy Seanez = Reused zany

CAREER: 5/10

Seanez has had a great career. He pitched really well in 2008 and I'm surprised nobody has picked him up in 2009. He's only 40. He has pitched well in 11 post-season games although he never made it to the World Series (and wasn't even on the Phillies' post-season roster last year, oddly.)


  1. Rudy signed with the Angels about 2 weeks ago, actually.

  2. Wow, as middle names go, "Caballero" is pretty damned cool.

    I have a Bill James player ratings book from 1994 in which he complains that Seanez is nothing even remotely resembling a promising pitcher. I guess he found his niche and proved the master wrong! It's a hilarious book, incidentally. In the entry for Shawn Hillegas, he claims that he has no idea what in the hell he is doing in the major leagues and says that he's simply the worst.

  3. I just had a post on Seanez!

    Yes, he's pitching for the Angels' Triple A team in Salt Lake City.