Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Franco bat card - MINE AT LAST

I've been looking for a Julio Franco bat card for a long time and I finally got myself one.

I think this Bazooka card is the only bat card issue for Franco, although that could certainly be wrong. I've searched high and low for others and never found one. I also have never found a GU jersey card for Franco.

I really like these Bazooka designs. The Bazooka line of cards is, in my opinion, playful and very much in the traditional spirit of baseball cards.

I have a bunch of other Bazooka GU cards thanks to a bunch of trades. Here they are.

I love the fortune on this card. While I like the card overall, I wish they used a bigger photo of Baines. I pulled a card just like this of Dave Justice that I sent to dayf that I wish I had kept.

Here's a nice one of one of my favorites, Carl Crawford:

Using the double O for the bat segment was genius.

Here's a similar card for A-rod:

That's a nice photo there showing him about to make contact.

And a similar card of Mark Teixeira:

Here's a Bazooka jersey card for Teixeira:

The swatch is, oddly but playfully, in the shape of Bazooka Joe. Also, the August 17th date is remarked upon on the back. Tex hit for the cycle that day.

Here's a very nice David Ortiz bat card. The 3 pennants of different sizes was a great design choice. This is probably the nicest-looking card out of the bunch.


  1. i collected a bunch of the first year of bazooka relics where they had quotes from the ball player on the card. i like that sort of thing, something more than just a slab of jersey and a serial number. i also liked the coin relics from topps gallery a number of years ago - i have a 9 pocket page of those. i wish the big two would mix it up a little but like that again, but they play it way too safe now...

  2. p.s. I am very glad you got your franco card - I am sorry I ever doubted its existence. There is nothing better than getting hold of something you have looked for for a while. For me, the 1972 OPC Gil Hodges was such a card - it took me over a year to finally nail one down on ebay.

  3. Yah when we discussed the Franco bat card a while back, this was the one I was referring to. I have never seen any other one on offer anywhere.