Friday, June 12, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #137: Mickey Weston

Mickey Weston

PHOTO: Weston's holding the ball out front in an unusual way...almost looks like he's taunting the batter.

STAT: Weston gave up homers to mostly very good players (including McGriff, Hrbek, Downings...) but his last one was to, umm, Ken Hill?

ANAGRAM: Mickey Weston = We come stinky

CAREER: 1/10

Just 45.1 innings pitched for Weston, compiling a 7.15 ERA.


  1. We come stinky.

    My favorite anagram thus far.

  2. A perfect anagram if his last HR given up was to Ken Hill.

  3. Mickey was yet another rags-to-semi-riches story for the "Why Not?" 1989 Orioles. He was 28 when he made his debut with three innings of one-hit relief against the eventual World Champion A's (as mentioned on the card back). He retired the last seven batters, including Dave Parker and Mark McGwire as the last two. Two days later, he got his first win with four innings of one-run relief against the less-impressive Mariners. Four innings pitched on one day's rest following a three-inning stint? Frank Robinson was not gentle with his pitchers.