Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shopped cards #9

Ok....+2 points to your Week 9 score if you are the first commenter to correct identify the set and card number for this card.

A few things to note:

1) The only modifications I have made to this card are the addition of black boxes.
2) From this point forward for all Shopped Cards contests, I am allowing only one guess per person. Take your shot, and if you're wrong, you're done for that particular Shopped Cards post.


To distinguish from the Topps and the Nestle card, you need to check out the upper right corner:

Both cards have the notch for the "T" in Topps, but the "Nestle" takes up a lot less space. If you look at the black box I put over the logo on the original card at the top, it would have left part of the "T" exposed had the logo said "Topps."


  1. 1984 Topps Mike Schmidt # 700

  2. i'll guess 1984 topps tiffany mike schmidt #700. that sure looks like schmidt's card!

  3. 1984 Nestle Mike Schmidt #700

  4. i think tom wins more points for tom

  5. 1984 Topps Super Mike Schmidt #6

  6. Yes...Tom is right AGAIN.

    I'm curious--Tom--can you explain the answer before I post it? Just want to see if you really know or if it was luck. (You get +2 for this no matter what.)

  7. I knew it was an 84 but Don did all the work with the Schmidt. When I knew it wasnt Topps, I knew it had to be O-Pee-Chee, Nestle, or an Archive of some sort. OPC doesnt have the T notch for "Topps", so a quick search led me to Nestle.