Monday, June 22, 2009

Cardboard Flunkie

Good ol' dayf from Cardboard Junkie sent me a package. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed that he chose not to enclosed a letter after my most recent package to him included a detailed description of some significant assets. Oh well, I can always hope.

Anyway, dayfid sent a pretty awesome little collection of things, including:

A Bobby Higginson card I asked about but still don't understand

Why is Bobby holding up a piece of paper with his name? Can anybody give me more info on this card?

And a 2009 Topps Adam LaRoche that I think is one of the best-looking photos I have ever seen:

and oh, a Mike Schmidt jersey card

Wow, what a sweet card. The black, white, silver and gold motif really works. I love the black Phillies logo. This card is very similar to a Phil Niekro one I sent dayf about 8 months ago. He posted it to his blog but now I can't find it.

And check out this Tino Martinez card:

A bit beat up but still very cool. Dayfid and I had been talking about 2002 Topps Traded relics, and I'm sure that's why he sent me this spiffy card (no, wait, he mailed them before we had that chat...wait a second...does he have spooky powers???) I'm looking for the Eric Young bat card from this set, if anybody has one to trade.

I find the graphic on this card a bit odd. Those 3 white lines connecting the patch to the image are strange. I get the third one--a bat. But the first one is a ball--do they really put hacked up little pieces of ball on some of these cards? And what is in the second image? Is that a glove? No idea. Cool card, though.

Lastly here is a sweet Robin Ventura jersey swatch:

The unorthodox shape of the patch is pretty cool and I'm one of just 3 people on earth who care about Ventura's time with the Yankees, so dayf nailed that one too.

Thanks dayf! Your awesomeness grows each year.


  1. on team media day, each player gets about a gazillion photos taken of them, and they hold up a piece of paper with their name on it for the first pic taken. This helps the photographer later on when he's developing the film, or saving the images on his pc nowadays...

  2. CC is right. Newspaper photographers on our staff do the same thing when taking head shots of high school athletes for all-star teams, etc.

    Why they would ever use that as the player's card photo, or at least not crop out the sign, is beyond me.


    Actually, I know you were looking for '90s minor star relics and those were two I could spare. The Schmidt was the one I bemoaned was in the 2 dollar box because The Kids just want minor league draft pick AutoFractors nowadays. I've got other Schmidt relic cards and I know it would have a good home with you.

    As for your other queries:

    No letter because I was rushing to mail the package. I can send you a letter if you're certain it won't get you fired.

    Yes, there are many baseball swatches on early '00s cards. There's pretty much game used everything but jockstraps and sanitary hose cards out there.

    If you think the Higgy card is ridiculous, check out this post from A Cardboard Problem:
    Upper Deck did it AGAIN! Ha!

  4. The Higginson card is beautiful by comparison to the Young one.