Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1990 Upper Deck #729 730 731 732

Jeff Reardon
Mitch Webster
Brian Bohanon
Rick Parker


This is a pretty interesting group of photos. Reardon has a nice action shot on the front, and a fairly casual shot on the back. Webster, oddly, has squinted eyes on both the front and back. What's the deal there? Bohanon's photo on the front is very cool, with the ball practically coming off the card.

But I want to draw your attention to the Rick Parker card for a moment. Check out that photo on the front. Ignore the odd look on his face. I have to believe that this photo was taken at a moment when the ball got away from the catcher and Parker was considering dashing home from third base. Or perhaps he has just rounded third and is watching the throw into the catcher to see if he should continue. In any event, I've invented a fun game called "Pretend that Rick Parker has just rounded FIRST base". Then, it just looks like he's doing some bizarre hotdog action, daring the catcher to try to throw him out. And his facial expression becomes priceless.


Rick Parker didn't have a lot or particularly notable career but he did have a hell of a game in this 23-run beatdown the Giants handed the Braves. Parker's 3-run homer in the 4th inning put the Giants ahead to stay and he finished with 4 hits, 6 RBI, and 4 runs scored. This was the Braves' last year of ineptitude as they took first place the following year.

BEST IN 1990

Jeff Reardon was the best in 1990, despite having a lower-than-average save total for him. His next year, 1991, would be his last great year.


Jeff Reardon = Jar offender
Mitch Webster = Wet birch stem (neato!)
Brian Bohanon = Ah, Iran bonbon


Jeff Reardon, obviously, although both Mitch Webster and Brian Bohanon had some good seasons.


  1. Parker is a Giant---gotta go with him.

  2. Dude, was EVERYBODY skinny in 1990? Take these 4 random 1990 cards and compare them to the sizes of the guys on 4 random 2009 cards.
    Is this a sign of steroids or just a better work ethic? Yeah right.