Thursday, June 11, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #134: Jerome Walton

Jerome Walton

PHOTO: This is a pretty good photo but I could do with a little less blur on his hand.

STAT: Walton became the ultimately part-time player, when from 1992 to 1998, he netted the most seasons in baseball with fewer than 75 at-bats (pitchers excluded.)

ANAGRAM: Jerome Walton = Jot real women

CAREER: 3/10

Walton had one great shining year in 1989 when he was Rookie of the Year, playing well very in the both the regular and post seasons. After an OK 1990, he fell off rapidly and moved around a lot, becoming a useful (though rarely used) part-timer late in his career.

Incidentally, the other ROY winner in 1989--Gregg Olson of the Orioles--does not have a card in this set because he debuted in 1988. Ironically, the other Greg Olson (spelled differently) does have a card in this set.


  1. If you really want to muddy the waters, you could mention Greg Golson.

  2. I drafted Jerome Walton in the first round of the rookie draft in an APBA league. He was fun for a year but was a disappointment after that. :(