Monday, June 15, 2009

Names, revisited

Back on this post I asked about names because it seems like a lot of the guys in this set don't go by their first name, or a nickname.

Here's what I found.

Players not going by their middle name or nickname of middle name (17):

Beau Allred, Kevin Appier, Blaine Beatty, Joey Belle (technically, since he later switched to his first name), Tommy Greene, Ken Griffey, Gene Harris, Xavier Hernandez, Greg Hibbard, Scott Little, Greg Litton, Randy McCament, Ben McDonald, Scott Scudder, Dwight Smith, Mike Stanton, Doug Strange

Players going by some name other than their first or middle (2):

Goose Gozzo, Chip Hale

And so that leaves 131 players who go by their first name or nickname of their first name.

The breakout is 87.3% going by their first name, 11.3% going by their middle name, and 1.3% going by a different name.

In our poll, we had 36 votes, with 94.4% going by their first name, 5.6% going by their middle name, and 0% going by some other name, altough JayBee should have voted "other" but my poll wasn't clear.

So, looks like I was right that there's a higher percentage of players in this set going by their middle names, as least compared to our small control group.

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  1. Carl Reginald Smith, Arnold Ray McBride and Lynn Nolan Ryan appreciate your efforts on this research.