Friday, June 5, 2009

1989 Topps Major League Debut #122: Mike Stanton

Mike Stanton

PHOTO: Nice photo of a rookie.

STAT: Stanton has appeared in the most games all-time for pitchers with fewer than 100 saves. (That's true up to 144 saves, which is Jesse Orosco's career total.)

ANAGRAM: Mike Stanton = Not mistaken (or Kitten moans...heh)

CAREER: 8/10

Wow, a middle reliever getting a score of 8? You bet your ass. Stanton had a better-than-average ERA almost every full season he pitched, was part of both the Braves and Yankees dynasties, appeared in 18 post-season series and 53 games with a 2.10 ERA, won 3 World Series championships, and pitched in the 2nd-most games all time.

Of course, he was also named in the Mitchell report. What that means for history will take a lot of time to unfold.

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  1. Kitten moan. I'm the proud papa of a Siamese cat. Moaning and cats don't seem like they should go together. Let me tell you... the first night I had this cat I was terrified and freaked out at the low pitched wailing/moaning sound she can make, which is characteristic of the breed.

    It doesn't bother me now (at least not in the daytime), but when she wants attention she'll sit in the living room and moan.