Monday, June 29, 2009

1990 Upper Deck #725 726 727 728

Scott Radinsky
Todd Hundley
Scott Hemond
Lenny Webster


Nice photos here for fans of catchers, although Hundley has managed to look pretty dorky on both the front and back of his card. Unusually for this set, the Radinsky card is the onyl one displaying two uniforms.


Hundley's 1996 is often cited as one of the all-time monster years for catchers, but it wasn't actually all that good. In fact, it ranks only 37th all-time for Runs Created in a season by a catcher. Many seasons both before and after rank quite a bit higher.

BEST IN 1990

None of these guys was noteworthy in 1990. Hundley, Hemond, and Webster barely played in the majors that year and Radinsky had an ERA+ of just 80 over 52.1 innings. Still, I guess he was the best. In case you were curious. Hundley hit just 1 HR in half a season in the minors that year.


Scott Radinsky = Dork's sanctity
Todd Hundley = Oddly hunted
Scott Hemond = Modest notch
Lenny Webster - I refer you to the anagram on his 1989 Topps ML Debut page.


Todd Hundley has one huge year in 1996 (41 HR 112 RBI) followed by an excellent year in 1997. He also had two seasons that he played only about half the year--1995 and 2000--that were really good. Otherwise, he was pretty damn forgettable and finished with a career OPS+ of 102. Although Hundley might have had more value on paper, I'm going to award this one to Radinsky, who had 5 seasons as a well above-avergage reliever and a handful of other decent years, plus came back after missing all of 1994 with Hodgkin's Disease.


  1. I had Scott Radinsky in an APBA league that year, so I'll vote for him.

  2. I had to vote for Lenny Webster because he's wearing (former ANGEL) Brian Harpers glove!

  3. Nice catch on Webster's glove, Tom