Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopped Cards poll

Here is your chance to have input into the future of Shopped Cards posts. Please feel free to post other thoughts/suggestions in the comments.


  1. I voted for them sucking mainly cause I can no longer compete due to my job and you post them while I am at work, and they are solved by the time I get home. My vote is part bitterness. Still like the blog, just wish I could compete :D

  2. Marcus, what time would you like them posted? I'm happy to start a post at, say, 8PM or 10PM, if that would work better for you. I won't do them all that way, but I can mix it up.

  3. That be nice of you, but I'd feel bad if you posted one at 10PM and I was out and about. I'll do my best though! Thanks.